H.J.P Fokkenrood

Innovative strategies for
intermittent claudication

towards a stepped care approach and new outcome measures



Each medical student likely remembers the very moment he or she took the Hippo- cratic Oath. By doing so, the world embraced another certified physician. The oath can be broken down into twelve different precepts.

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About me

Hugo Johannes Paulus Fokkenrood was born on the 19th of March, 1986 in Rhenen, the Netherlands, as the youngest of two. After attending primary school, he graduated in 2004 from high school.

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Mijn proefschrift in digitale vorm. Op de website vindt u de inhoud van mijn proefschrift. Mocht u na het lezen vragen hebben over de inhoud ervan? Schroom niet om contact met mij te zoeken. 

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