H.J.P Fokkenrood

Innovative strategies for
intermittent claudication

towards a stepped care approach and new outcome measures



 Physicians, CHP's, PTs and most of all patients will benefit from participation in a regional ClaudicatioNet network. By referring patients to ClaudicatioNet PTs, healthcare professionals are guaranteed of transparent and standardised high quality treatment. Through ClaudicatioNet all caregivers are collaboratively able to provide the best standards of practice. In time, other treatment goals such as lifestyle counselling and monitoring medication adherence will be taken up by all involved caregivers to extend the possibilities of SET.


 Optimizing the concept will stimulate the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary healthcare chain that is nowadays required. An economic recession in combination with an aging population will cause associated increase of costs. The ClaudicatioNet concept is likely to create a more efficient and cost effective PAOD treatment. First of all by simply improve the quality of provided SET by offering PTs a controlled specialization program. Secondly by introducing a free market principle in healthcare by creating transparency of provided care through the usage of objective outcome parameters. Furthermore SET extended with a focus on cardiovascular risk reduction in a high risk population should be effective because of the reduction in morbidity and mortality caused by diseases with a cardiovascular origin. Cost effectiveness is achieved for the simple reason that a SET program will substitute or at least postpone expensive invasive vascular interventions. Encouraging patient empowerment by using innovative eHealth and mHealth solutions will create an online community, thereby informing and connecting fellow patients.