H.J.P Fokkenrood

Innovative strategies for
intermittent claudication

towards a stepped care approach and new outcome measures



 All PTs can join a regional network, however they have to meet a set of criteria. Completion of a registered course 'Intermittent Claudication' is obligatory. As well as a well-equipped practice and a broad patient orientation, so that other limitations are recognized and reported. After these primary criteria are met, the PT enters a specialisation program and is entered into an online web-based 'care-finder' directory. This website is used by patients as well as CPHs to choose a PT based on aspects such as location (address or postal code) and personal portfolio data (figure 1). During this three-year specialisation program, PTs need to comply with a progressive set of criteria to ensure participation. If these criteria are not met, visibility on the care-finder ends and so receiving referrals.


     Participation criteria

    1. The PT delivers care according to up to date evidence based guidelines in PAOD SET treatment.
    2. The PT provides standardised feedback of results, motivation and medication adherence to the CHP
    3. The PT keeps a correct patient administration, including outcome and process indicators of all patients.
    4. The PT actively participates in a life long learning in the field of peripheral arterial disease and concomitant disease. Fifteen hours of CNet accredited courses annually and presence (every other year) at the yearly organised ClaudicatioNet congress are mandatory.
    5. The PT maintains an up to date web based personal portfolio (www.claudicationet.nl). In this profile all items of a PTs specialisation progress is visualized. Items like attendance at additional relevant courses, on site visitation reports, contact information, a photograph (recognition of caregiver) as well as space for some personal (ambition) statements are registered in this portfolio.