H.J.P Fokkenrood

Innovative strategies for
intermittent claudication

towards a stepped care approach and new outcome measures



 ClaudicatioNet improves transparency of provided care by creating clear and extensive portfolios on the care-finder website. Portfolios will be updated with real-time outcome information as soon as a connection is made between the national ClaudicatioNet database and currently existing patient managing software. As of 2013, patients and CHP's will have access to this data through a user-friendly dashboard in order to visualize a clear overview of outcome results (figure 1). This will also allow patients to gain direct feedback onto their own results in a patient's personal web portal (www.etalagebenen.nl).

 CHP's will be able to effectively monitor the progress of their patients and, more importantly, monitor outcome results of their own regional network by comparing these with a nationwide benchmark. The development of this innovative online feedback system enhances quality control management and strengthens the multidisciplinary health care chain. PTs with outstanding results can easily be identified and showcased.

Others with suboptimal results will be stimulated to learn from these colleagues or, if needed, removed from the care-finder directory.